Access given to local charities for online donations

A commercial website is expanding to give people an easy way to donate to Cayman charities online, and so far 15 charities are listed. was launched in 2013 as a central hub for online shoppers to purchase from local vendors. Since then, 24 vendors have signed up for the service, and founder Robert Hamaty says it is now time to give back.

“Giving back to the local community has always been at the forefront of business relations,” said Mr. Hamaty.

“ makes it easier for everyone to give back to the island. It’s truly a perfect gift for that person that has everything,” he added.

When a user donates to a charity, the website absorbs all processing fees, ensuring that the charity gets 100 percent of the funds.

The website has also partnered with Butterfield Bank and First Atlantic Commerce to ensure transactions are secure.

Many of the charities said they have only recently signed up for the service and could not yet say how effective it has been.

Some of the charities with links on the website are the Cayman Heart Fund, Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, Feed Our Future, National Council of Voluntary Organizations and Cayman HospiceCare.

“We encourage all local charities to sign up,” said Mr. Hamaty. “We are already seeing donations come in from overseas.”

To donate or to sign up, email [email protected]

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