Crews tackle dump fire

For the third consecutive day, fire crews on Monday continued to tackle a smoldering deep-seated fire at the George Town landfill.

Throughout Saturday, into Sunday and through Monday morning, firefighters on shift duty, along with off-duty firefighters who were called in to assist, were working to contain the fire.

At the same time, fire fighters were having to deal with and respond to other incidents, fire services officials said.

“The deep seated vein is still smoldering. We got the excavator back in action but we still cannot say for sure when we will finally get it out,” Acting Fire Chief Roy Grant told the Cayman Compass.

“We will continue to deal with the situation, it is not like a surface fire where we can say it is out and done, it is more than that,” he added. He said the vein of ignited garbage could be as long as 50 to 80 feet.

The Fire Service Department was alerted about the fire by a 911 call on Saturday morning. When fire fighters arrived at the dump they found a small area at the rear of the landfill ablaze. It was quickly extinguished, but on further investigation, a deep-seated vein of smoldering garbage was discovered.

This is the latest in a series of fire at the dump in the past seven months. In December, a large tire and scrap metal fire erupted at the landfill, while another fire at the site in February took three days to extinguish.

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