Mixology passion at Rouge Lounge

It’s the Cayman Islands only show bar, complete with corset-wearing dancers, but it is not just the dancers who are catching the eyes of guests – it’s the delicacies being invented behind the bar at the Rouge Lounge in Grand Harbour. 

Mixologist Seggrett “Seggie” Quizeo has being creating cocktails for more than 15 years from his home in the Philippines, to the tallest towers in Dubai, and he has spent the past seven years in the Caribbean. 

While pouring a pink liquid from a cocktail tin into a martini glass, Quizeo explains his training in a number of Dubai hotels.  

“We had to study each spirit in depth and then go right back to the basics and start all over again,” Quizeo says. “Then we’d sit an exam on every single spirit.” 

Quizeo has competed in a number of international bartending competitions, and he represented the Cayman Islands in the World Bartenders Challenge in Jamaica in 2012, where he landed second place among 10 competing countries.  

For him, it’s more than serving a drink – it’s an art form. 

“It takes time to create a new innovative style of drink,” Quizeo says. It’s an art, it’s a passion.” 

“If you’re not into your craft, you won’t explore more.” 

The Rouge Lounge, designed to be “a classy version of ‘Coyote Ugly,’” opened this month adjacent to Beaches Sports Bar in Grand Harbour.  


Drinks at The Rouge Lounge.

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