Miss Cayman contestants off to the Brac

Ten Miss Cayman contestants will head to Cayman Brac on Thursday for a weekend public appearances. 

They will participate in a tour of the Brac during their trip, which sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell. 

Derri Dacres-Lee, Miss Cayman Committee chairperson, said, “This is a great opportunity for them to bond with each other, as well as enhance their reputation as role models to the people throughout the islands. I have no doubt they will be met with a warm welcome and superb hospitality.” 

The highlight of the weekend will be a fashion show on Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Aston Rutty Center, where the contestants will showcase the island’s fashions. When they arrive on Cayman Brac, they will be escorted from the jet by Brac firemen and welcomed by dignitaries. The firemen will also act as escorts on the night of the fashion show. 

The contestants will also visit Faith Hospital, the Kirkconnell Care Centre for the elderly, participate in an island tour video and photo shoot with Government Information Services and Jet Photos, and have dinner with the Brac’s District Commissioner Ernie Scott and Deputy Commissioner Mark Tibbetts. 


Contestants in the 2015 Miss Cayman pageant will be visiting Cayman Brac this weekend.


  1. It would be so nice (and appropriate) if you would give the names of the lovely young women who are vying for the title of Miss Cayman. Contestants’ names with their photos would be a boon to those of us who don’t know the young ladies. It is odd to have a column about their visit to the Brac this weekend, but no names, no information about the pretties.

    ***Editor’s Note: Thank you for your comment. This story has a group photo of the Miss Cayman contestants with names: http://www.compasscayman.com/caycompass/2014/08/25/Miss-Cayman-pageant-postponed-to-2015/ . ***

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