Online poll: Most attend at least one charity event

Almost two-thirds of the 360 respondents to last week’s online poll say they attend at least one charity/fundraising event every year. 

Of those who attend charity events, most of them – 122 people or 33.9 percent of the total respondents – attend one or two a year. 

“Humane Society Events mostly,” said one person. 

“I never know when functions are on,” said another. 

“I used to go to seven or more a year, but since we’ve been burglarized twice, low-life criminals are now the recipients of my charity giving,” said someone else. 

Sixty-one people – 16.9 percent – said they attend three or four charity/fundraising events a year, while 31 people – 8.6 percent – said they went to five or six such events annually. 

“The good work of the charities is one of the more positive things in the community,” said one person.  

Another 22 people said they attended seven or more charity/fundraising events each year, which, as one respondent pointed out, includes many organized events like walks and swims, not just formal dinners and auctions. 

“I love the 5Ks,” said one respondent. “They get the whole family involved and surrounded by positive people. I have stopped buying the raffle tickets though.”  

A little more than a third of the respondents – 124 people or 34.5 percent – said they don’t attend any charity events during the year. 

“They cost too much to attend and I would rather take that money and give it directly to the charity,” said one person. “I don’t need to be seen to give to charity. I give because it’s the right thing to do. Dealing with all of the need-to-be-seen glam types is just not my thing. That ticket, plus the costs for the new outfit and extras to get glammed up, can go a long way to helping the charity directly. To say nothing about the four or five hours spent at the event, which is time I can spend volunteering.” 

“We donate directly instead of spending the money on dressy clothes and a baby sitter,” someone else said in a similar vein. 

Several people responded that they didn’t have the money to attend events. 

“With today’s cost of living and shrinking paychecks, I can’t afford to help even if I wanted to unfortunately,” said one person. 

“Usually, tickets have to be purchased to attend and I honestly cannot afford to purchase tickets,” said someone else. “I do not own a vehicle and there isn’t regular bus service and it is very undependable, especially at night, but I would love to be able to take part or attend more charity functions. It is important for everyone to realize how their support in these organizations are key to a better community.” 

“The tickets are usually too expensive,” said another person.“Nothing to give anymore,” commented one respondent. “Charity begins at home.” Others questioned the legitimacy of charities. 

“How much of the money goes to the right use?” asked one person. “We do not see the accounts.” 

“They need to give an account on how the monies received are spent,” commented another. 

“Until these charities publish qualified financial statements, I won’t support them,” said someone else. “I will continue to offer any financial assistance I can directly to those who I know to be in need.” 

Two respondents said living on Cayman Brac was the reason they did not attend charity events. 

“There aren’t that many in Cayman Brac,” said one of them. Other reasons given by respondents for not attending charity events/fundraisers included volunteering instead, unemployment and “not interested.” 

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