Characteristics of Caymanian entrepreneurs to be presented at conference

What makes a successful Cayman entrepreneur will be one of the topics at the 2015 Business and Management Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Tracy Ebanks, general manager and CEO of the Cayman Islands Development Bank, will present the findings of her master’s thesis, which explored the characteristics of successful local entrepreneurs in the Cayman Islands at the conference on Jan. 7-9, 2015. 

”I feel honored that my thesis was chosen and I am proud to represent the UCCI as an honor graduate and the people of the Cayman Islands. It was my ultimate goal to enlighten scholars and governments of the Caribbean region of the factors that can drive, encourage and promote successful entrepreneurs,” Ms. Ebanks said. “The topic is significant as the Caribbean region relies heavily on foreign direct investment and it is critical that locally owned businesses are provided with the resources to succeed.” 

Ms. Ebanks is one of several UCCI graduate-degree holders who have had their theses published in the ProQuest Global online database for dissertations and theses.  

Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett, director of Graduate Studies and Professional Development at UCCI, said Cayman has many areas that are ripe for intellectual examination. “Our graduate students have examined a multitude of issues that challenge local businesses and government entities,” she said. “Unfortunately, the months of research that go into a successfully defended thesis are lost if not elevated to an international forum. We are thrilled that Ms. Ebanks’s work has attracted the attention of a regional conference and will be presented to an entirely new audience.” 


Ms. Ebanks

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