Online poll Bad driving, poor service top list of pet peeves

Bad driving habits and poor service at businesses top the list of pet peeves in the Cayman Islands among respondents to last week’s online poll. 

Of the 568 total respondents, the largest segment of them – 171 people or 30.1 percent – pointed to bad driving habits as the thing that peeves them the most.  

“People texting while driving, people on the phone while driving, people speeding excessively, people tailgating, people not using roundabouts properly … driving, driving, driving!” said one person. 

“The driving in Cayman is among the worst I’ve ever experienced,” said someone else. “Not only do people not know basic driving rules, like how to negotiate a roundabout, they routinely break the law, yapping on their handheld mobile phones, making illegal turns, parking wherever they want. And then there’s the incredible amount of drink driving that occurs here. It’s a wonder more people aren’t killed on the roads.” 

“I see some unbelievable things on the road,” said another respondent. “There are also way too many collisions for an island this size, where most of the speed limits are in the 25 to 40 mph range.” 

“The stupid roundabout,” said one person.  

Another large segment of respondents – 149 people or 26.2 percent – said poor service at businesses was their biggest pet peeve. 

“The worst service I receive seems to come from persons from other regional countries, some of whom cannot speak English,” wrote one person. 

“I’m sorry to say, but sometimes I long to be back in Canada where the proprietors generally fight to keep your patronage, as opposed to here where sometimes the attitude is: ‘Where else are you going to go?’” said someone else. 

“They want you to buy Cayman, which I agree with, but service is so poor that I only do so for basic necessities like food and water,” said another person. Other respondents pointed to the service from telecommunications, cable and utilities companies.  

Traffic jams were the biggest pet peeve of 80 respondents, or 14.1 percent. 

Another 70 people – 12.3 percent – said inconsiderate behavior was their biggest pet peeve in the Cayman Islands. 

“Litter throwing and stray dogs,” said one person.  

“Inconsiderate behaviors exhibited in many daily activities including: noise and litter at the beach, driving with loud music, non-acknowledgement by cashiers at supermarkets, silence on receiving a tip by baggers at supermarkets, cutting into lines of traffic by drivers exiting side roads, double parking while having a conversation, poor service in businesses, etc. – all small but thoughtless and distasteful.” 

Only 36 people – 6.4 percent – said grocery shopping on Saturdays was their biggest pet peeve, while 62 people – 10.9 percent – responded “other” to the question. 

“This was a hard choice, as it is all of the above,” said one person. “The driving leaves a lot to be desired, from the use of roundabouts to wearing seat belts and talking on the phone, which passing laws on said were a waste of time as most don’t take any notice.” 

Some of the other pet peeves listed included the entitlement mentality, rude tourists, the attitude of locals toward visitors, inappropriately dressed cruise ship visitors who don’t spend much money in port, automatic telephone answering machines, the work ethic of government employees, long lines at the airport, burglaries, crime in general, the lack of enforcement of laws, ineffectual policing, the economy, unemployment, import duty, the government, the government doing nothing for Caymanians, the dump, slow Internet, non-constructive online polls, the government’s anti-business attitude, work permit renewal ads, social inequality, people who don’t speak English in Cayman, and the large number of different nationalities in Cayman. 

“The broken glass shattered on our roads and land, as well as garbage strewn all over the roads, our properties, the beaches,” said someone else. “I have witnessed people throwing garbage out of their cars while driving along our road, as well as pedestrians doing the same while walking. If keeping land clean and garbage free in other countries works, then why [not] in Cayman?”  

“Too many people on work permits, especially in the menial jobs which Caymanians could fill the positions,” wrote one respondent. 

“Not being there anymore :(,” wrote another. 

Next week’s poll question 

What do you think of the McKeeva Bush trial? 

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  2. The jury got it wrong (write why in comments) 
  3. The former governor has some explaining to do 
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