Online poll: Most people eat at home or brown-bag their lunch

Bringing a lunch from home and eating it at work or going home for lunch are the most common ways people in Cayman eat their midday meal, according to the results of last week’s online poll. 

The largest segment of the 456 total respondents – 141 people or 30.9 percent – said they brought their lunch from home and ate it at work. 

“I can’t afford not to pack a lunch, in terms of $$ cost or calories,” wrote one person.  

“I usually bring my lunch two or three times a week, but I also buy my lunch from Foster’s or Kirk Market a lot,” said someone else. “Very occasionally I eat out at a restaurant.”  

Another large segment of respondents – 124 people or 27.2 percent – said they ate lunch at home. 

“I much prefer to eat lunch [at] home,” said one person. “I can’t afford going to restaurants too often, even though I do enjoy going occasionally with family and/or friends. However, it is good for those who have restaurants to have so many people from the public and visitors alike who support them.” 

Eighty-eight people – 19.3 percent – said they got restaurant take-out for lunch, and 41 people – 9 percent – said they ate lunch most often at a restaurant.  

“I buy lunch from a restaurant and usually eat it sitting at my desk at work,” said one person.  

“There are too few sit-down-and-eat-with-real-cutlery restaurants in downtown George Town,” complained another respondent. “I can’t eat jewelry.” 

Thirty-five people – 7.7 percent – said they skipped lunch.  

“Who can afford lunch in these times?” said one person. 

Another 27 people – 5.9 percent – responded “other” to the question. More than half of those people said they picked up lunch from the hot delis or salad bars at grocery stores and then ate at their workplace. 

“I buy it at Kirk’s deli,” said one person. “Best food on the rock.” 

“Foster’s deli take-out,” said someone else. “Yummy!” 

“I enjoy some nice salads from the grocery stores,” said another person. 

“I bring a salad from the supermarket in the morning and eat it at work,” wrote another. 

Other responses included. “In my car,” “I sit in the shade and look at the sea,” and “A mixture of all of the above.” 

Several people said their employer provided their lunch. “The boss buys everyone lunch,” said one person. “Yippee!”  

“My workplace provides breakfast, lunch and dinner (tourism industry),” said another.  

One person used the poll as an opportunity for sarcasm, saying: “I eat lunch in my fourth floor office at the Government Administration Building, overlooking the dump we are doing nothing about.” 

Next week’s poll question  

What do you think about the legalization of private gun ownership for protection in Cayman? 

  1. I strongly agree [Explain] 
  2. I slightly agree [Explain] 
  3. I strongly disagree [Explain] 
  4. I slightly disagree [Explain] 
  5. I don’t know [Explain] 

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