New graduate of behavior technician program

Tamara Hernandez is the latest graduate of a new registered behavior technician training program offered at the Wellness Centre. 

After graduating from John Gray High School and participating in the Passport2Success program, Ms. Hernandez volunteered at the Wellness Centre. 

According to staff, she quickly demonstrated a keen interest for working with children with special needs, and in April she was hired as an aide to the Applied Behavior Analysis team.  

In July, she began the 100-hour training program funded by The Wellness Centre that included 40 hours of online studies, 50 hours of supervised clinical experience and 10 hours of competency interviews, supervision and assessments. She recently completed her final assessment and is now a registered behavior technician. A behavioral health technician assists doctors and nurses with the treatment of patients who have various behavioral problems, such as substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental instability and physical and emotional abuse. 

Wellness Centre Director Shannon Seymour said, “We are delighted with Tamara’s progress and are excited for her future with The Wellness Centre. I decided to invest in the RBT Training program because it provides a solid foundation of skill and knowledge related to the science of behavior analysis, while allowing young people with an avenue into a meaningful career. 

“The RBT program also provides the consumer of behavioral intervention services with the reassurance that there is a standard of knowledge and clinical skill, which is something very important to The Wellness Centre.” 

The registered behavior technician training program was started recently by the Behavior Analysts Certification Board. 

Ms. Seymour said Ms. Hernandez will continue to be supervised by a team of board-certified behavioral analysts and will undergo more training before she is eligible for further certification. Her primary duties now include the delivery of community-based behavioral support programs, in-school behavioral support and helping to facilitate groups and respite care for children with autism and related special needs.  


Ms. Hernandez

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