Join Grizz and Frizz for some Christmas cheer

If you love an old-time variety show, then you won’t want to miss “A Playhouse Family Christmas,” which will bring the spirit of Christmas to the Prospect Playhouse in the form of song, dance and skits. 

The Cayman Drama Society’s hour-long show includes six performances over two weekends from Nov. 28 to Dec. 7, and will be “hosted” by Grizz, played by Gabrielle Wheaton, and Frizz, played by Sue Howe, who is also the director of the show.  

Grizz is a cat and Frizz is a mouse; they both live in the house where the show takes place and the setting is Christmas Eve. “Grizz is the grumpy cat and Frizz is the enthusiastic mouse. They are friends. They are just characters I came up with,” said Howe. 

Both “furry creatures” have done a lot of stage work but rarely get to perform in the same show, so they are looking forward to having fun on stage with the humorous cast. Audience members may be familiar with many of the performers, including Mike McLaughlin, Adam Roberts, Kelly, Isabella and Neil Rooney, Alice Anne Brunn, Adam Stoner, Max Johnson, Hannah Howe and Catharine Boyd-Moss. Relatively new and talented performers include Soraya Moghadass, Morgan Sweeney, Juliet Fenn, Marc Thomas, and Charity and John Epp. 

“We have a very lively and fun cast of characters who will be bringing our Christmas spirit to the variety show. We have the owner of the house, the elves, reindeer, carolers, angels, kings and, of course, Santa,” said Howe, adding, “We were very lucky to get such a great group together. We have some well-known performers and some new faces to the theater as well. It’s always wonderful when new people join us. It widens the theater’s circle of performers and friends.” 

Howe wanted to create a Christmas Show this year as she holds fond memories of past ones in Cayman. “It’s a simple and fun concept, and Gabrielle and I are sharing the task of pulling it all together along with the help of a super group of performers. Everyone has brought something to the table. We didn’t want to make it too long. Just a nice short and fun family show that we think both adults and kids will enjoy,” she said. 

Not to mention, seeing a cat and mouse in a house get along is worth the price of admission.  

A Playhouse Family Christmas” takes place at The Prospect Playhouse Nov. 28-29 and Dec. 5-6 at 7:30 p.m., with shows on Nov. 30 and Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for 12 and under.

To reserve your tickets, call the box office at 938-1998 or book online at 


Join Grizz and Frizz as they host ‘A Playhouse Family Christmas” variety show.


Sue Howe


Gabrielle Wheaton

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