Health conference delegates get healthy

More than half of the attendees at last year’s Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference are now leading healthier lifestyles, according to a government study.

Nine months after the conference, delegates were asked to fill out a survey which asked if they had made any lifestyle changes since then.

Well over half the respondents said they had made improvements to their physical health, with 21 percent making a “significant positive change” and 42 percent making a “positive change,” according to a media release issued by government.

Some of those changes included making better choices when it came to their diet, increased levels of activity, and drinking more water. Some delegates joined weight loss programs and one attended a smoking cessation program.

Taking time to talk with the family, eating healthier, and creating a work and life balance were some of the ways delegates improved their family life by making healthier choices.

According to the survey, 8 percent of delegates said they had made a “significant positive change” to the health of their family, while 37 percent had made a “positive change,” and 28 percent made “some change.”

Approaches to mental health were also recorded in the survey, with 68 percent of respondents taking steps to improve their mental health. These included taking breaks when feeling stressed, exercising, as well as breathing exercises, and meeting with a group of like-minded individuals throughout the month to talk through any problems.

“Making a positive impact on the health and wellness of the Cayman Islands was always a core goal of these events and the ministry is delighted that this survey demonstrates exactly the results we were hoping for,” said Osbourne Bodden, Minister of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture.

Overall, the surveyed delegates felt that the Cayman community has promoted more wellness programs and fun physical activities since last year’s conference, with 71 percent saying they had noticed more publicity on these types of programs and events.

This year’s Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference, “Winning the war against chronic noncommunicable diseases,” takes place at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman from Nov. 20 to 22.

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