Crawford can redeem Sweet Science

Boxing desperately needs an uplift after recent dull fights involving the sport’s leading names – and that looks guaranteed this weekend.

Terence “Bud” Crawford, the undefeated WBO lightweight champion takes on the dangerous challenger Ray Beltran.

Neither fighter is rarely in a boring bout and Saturday’s contest at the Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska is likely to warm the crowd despite the chilly temperatures outside.

Crawford (24-0, 17 KO) said, “I’m going to lay it all on the line like I do every time.”

Beltran (29-6-1, 17 KO) is equally confident. “I’m in great shape, I feel good, I’m ready, so motivated.”

Crawford, 27, works off his jab superbly, tending to wear opponents down with his high tempo, counter-attacking style. He is a switch hitter and can confuse opponents with shots from unexpected angles.

Beltran, 33, tends to bull forward, swarming opponents with big punches and works well inside, looking for opportunities to unload his big left hook.

There has been no reason to hype this contest – unlike in recent mega-fights, it should be scintillating from first to last bell.

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