Food drive helps families in need this season

ARK, which stands for Acts of Random Kindness, a voluntary organization, is seeking the community’s help to assist families in need this Christmas.

An ARK shopping bag – and shopping list – are available at The Discovery Centre in Camana Bay. Once the bag is full, it can be returned to the center. Grocery bags are also available from ARK members, who will be happy to pick up donations for those with busy schedules.

Deadline for drop-off of goods is this Friday.

Donated food and gift items will be sorted, packed, wrapped and distributed to families on Cayman ARK’s ever-growing list. Many families are identified to ARK by members of the public working in churches, school canteens, the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and other organizations that work closely in the community and witness the many levels of suffering or need first-hand.

During the annual Giving is Receiving initiative, the community food and gift drive helps to ensure that families in need over the holidays receive food, household and gift items necessary to have a wonderful Christmas.

ARK is a community-based, grass-roots, humanitarian foundation, celebrating eight years of Acts of Kindness this month.

Last year the program fed more than 500 people. The goal this year is to feed 600 people.


  1. A Soup kitchen would do a better job of providing home cooked meals to those in need. Most canned and boxed food are toxic,chemically and GMO laden,nutritionally deficient. It creates bad habits and health issues. Invite those in need to your family dinner prepared from fresh and organic produce. A child knowing the taste of delicious home cooked meal will never forget it. Giving them canned food is not the solution. Unless someone is really starving. I am sure majority will disagree,but that is my point of view on food drives. The people in need will benefit from the community atmosphere in a community Soup kitchen.

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