Labour and Pensions official retires

After 24 years with the Cayman Islands Department of Labour and Pensions, Robert Whittaker retired on Dec. 31, 2014.

Mr. Whittaker’s last post was as assistant director of the Department of Labour and Pensions, where he was the longest serving employee. He served in the assistant director’s position and as the senior labour officer since 2000.

Mario Ebanks, director of Labour and Pensions, complimented Mr. Whittaker’s work over the years. “I can’t say enough about Mr. Whittaker’s work ethic and leadership. His commitment, dedication and sincere interest in helping people are commendable. He will be missed.”

Mr. Whittaker began working in the Labour and Pensions department in 1991 as a labour inspector. He later became a senior labour officer.

The department is responsible for enforcing labor regulations, investigating complaints such as unpaid wages or unsafe working conditions, and administering and regulating pension plans.

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