Goal posts changed on coaching badges

Football coaches in the Cayman Islands soon will be required to take coaching certification courses before working with a team.

It marks the first time in Cayman Islands Football Association history that this type of training will be mandatory.

“Too often I attend a training session or I attend a game and I see the coaches come with nothing in their hands,” CIFA first vice-president Bruce Blake said. “So I’m like, ‘OK, did they properly prepare?’”

Starting next season, coaches of grassroots, primary school and youth age-group teams will have to either have a grassroots or CONCACAF D-Licence coaching certificate. Coaches also will be expected to continue earning higher-level certifications, Blake said.

“It’s very important,” he said. “We know that you would never send your child to school without the teacher being properly certified. You would never, you know, go to a person to ask for legal advise without them being properly certified. So we think we have to focus on our coaching. First and foremost, that is our biggest issue.”

These types of coaching certification courses have been offered several times in the past but they’ll open only by invitation starting next season.

The courses are free for coaches, and several are expected to be offered throughout the year, including one in Cayman Brac next month.

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