Fisherman snags fearsome looking fish

Local fishing enthusiast Dan Murphy was fishing on 60-Mile Bank with a line out about 1,200 feet last Sunday when he hooked a fish that turned out to be one of the ugliest he had ever seen.  

The fish had five long, gnarly, fang-like teeth protruding from its upper jaw, and several teeth in its lower jaw. 

Although he had never seen one – let alone caught one – like it before, he heard from friends after posting a photo of the fish that it was a roudi escolar, a species of snake mackerel, and that it is not really uncommon, even around Cayman. The fish is also known as Promethean escolar and single-line gemfish in other parts of the world. 

After taking some photos of the ugly fish, Mr. Murphy threw it back in the water, although other fishermen informed him that roudi escolars make great bait. 


Roudi escolar caught last Sunday by Dan Murphy.

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