Barracudas too hot for Devils

The Barracudas are champions of the Caribbean Creations Ball Hockey League at Kings Sports Centre.

Barracudas finished top of the regular season with a 9-5-1 record and continued their stellar play into the playoffs defeating the Pirates in the semifinal and the Devil Rays in the finals.

Barracudas were captained by Darryl Hather who had an excellent season. They also had four goal scorers in the league’s top 10. Evan Ellbogen, Ryan Pull, Dennis Passchier and Andrew Bowden scored a combined 40 times during the 15 game season.

Barracudas also had the stingiest defense in the league, allowing only 53 goals. The defensive core was led by Hather, Joe Jewitt and Dan O’Flaherty.

Goalie Jim Johnson had a magnificent campaign throughout. It especially showed in the playoffs as the Barracudas conceded only five goals against in three games.

The Devil Rays also had an excellent year with the rising stars of Brian Lehnerer and Matt Stone, both in the top five in scoring.

Devil Rays captain Brian Lehnerer led the league with 19 goals and helped his team reach the finals. The finals were hard-fought, but the Barracudas’ deep roster gave them the edge.

The next season begins this Thursday at 8 p.m. If interested in joining or watching the action, go to Kings Sports Centre or contact [email protected]