Shack aim for coed high five but Cobras able to sting

The Burger King Coed Flag Football League restarts this weekend and will attract hordes of teams again. Games are every Friday from 6-10 p.m. at the Ed Bush field in West Bay.  

Perry “Boy Wonder” Levy was the inspiration behind this league, and his Burger Shack team is looking to notch their fifth straight A division championship. 

Brad Conolly’s Overtime team – formerly Higgs and Johnson – are expected to take the B division title again. 

This competition has an impressive 20 teams registered – with more than 300 participants – including familiar names like Kirk Freeport, Walkers, Wakeboard Cayman and Cayman Auto Diagnostic. There are also a number of new teams like Cayman National Bank and Next Development. 

Levy is confident Burger Shack can retain their title. “We’ve perfected a simple but effective system that has proven to be very challenging for the opposition over the years,” he said. “Having been so successful with the same core of players from the beginning, we naturally feel it’s our crown until proven otherwise.” 

The squad also includes Kevin Solomon, Barrett Edri, Will Peguero Jr., Chris Bennett, Terry Ballard, Cassandra Bodden, Sophy Broad, Krishan Welcome, Jessica Solomon, Isatou Sey and Malaqui Awe, all seasoned flag players.  

“We truly are a team in every sense, on and off the field, and that no doubt has contributed to our success,” Levy said.  

He added that history suggests that Phil Brown’s Cobras and any team Brendon Malice is involved with will be Shack’s main competitors.  

Teams in the B division who could push Overtime are Cayman Auto, I Gotchu and Kirk Freeport.  

Considering this league is not in George Town and on a Friday night, the turnout is a pleasant surprise.  

“We offer a highly competitive but social event which includes football, music, food and drinks, and it attracts a broad collection of people,” Levy said.  

“Above all, the sport is just one of those that once you get a taste for it, it keeps you coming back for more.”  

He added, “A big thanks should be sent to perennial head sponsor Gary Rutty and the Burger King family for staying on board once again. Their commitment to the sport over the years cannot be overstated and is sincerely appreciated by the association and all its members.” 


Brad Conolly wants another B division title.