Slow Food pioneer visits Cayman

One of the pioneers of the Slow Food movement vacationed on Grand Cayman recently while visiting longtime friends. 

Azio Citi, who is still actively involved in Slow Food, stayed with his friends Ercole and Laredana Musso, who run La Dolce Vita restaurant in George Town. 

Mr. Citi is from the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and the city of Bra, where Slow Food has its international headquarters. He served as the narrator of the 2013 documentary film “Slow Food Story” and he knows the organization’s founder, Carlo Petrini. 

“He’s my best friend,” said Mr. Citi. 

Chef Ercole Musso once had a restaurant called I Cannubi in Barolo, which is only about 10 miles from Bra. Mr. Petrini and Mr. Citi ate there together on many occasions, which is how their friendship was forged.  

Slow Food was founded in 1986 by Mr. Petrini as a response to the rise of the fast-food culture. The impetus for the establishment of Slow Food was the planned construction of a McDonald’s restaurant in Rome, which led to protests from activists. The initial aims of Slow Food included maintaining regional food traditions, enjoying good quality food, and taking gastronomic pleasure in dining in a convivial setting with others. Eating locally produced food is a key element of the Slow Food philosophy.  

Slow Food now boasts more than 150,000 members and millions of supporters in 160 countries across the globe, and about 100 members in the Cayman chapter.  

Cayman’s chapter of the organization – Slow Food South Sound – was formed in 1996 by former Grand Old House General Manager Martin Richter. Its largest annual event in Cayman is Slow Food Day, which was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between Slow Food South Sound, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society. In 2014, Camana Bay became the presenting sponsor of the event, which features a free, open to the public morning session and a ticketed dinner. This year’s Slow Food Day takes place on March 14. 

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