New Yorkers like warmer touch

Two visiting teams from New York will play in the first ever International Touch tournament in Cayman this weekend. 

Players from New York City Touch will play against two Cayman select teams in a round-robin tournament at Camana Bay Sports Field on Saturday from 4 p.m. It promises to be the highest standard of touch ever seen locally. The final will be at 7 p.m.  

Formed in 2008, New York City Touch regularly compete at the U.S. touch nationals and traditionally are very strong. 

This is their first venture overseas and they will be swapping sub-zero temperatures for the balmy conditions of the Caribbean.  

The tournament will hopefully be a resounding success and become a regular and expanding event involving other overseas teams coming to Cayman. 

Touch is a fast growing sport locally. It’s based on the rugby code but instead of full contact rugby, tacking is by merely touching the person with the ball.  

Each team gets six touches to attempt to score a try. If they don’t score in six touches the ball is given to the other side to attack. It is very fast, extremely skilful and fitness is key. 

For more information on touch rugby in Cayman, contact [email protected] 


Dickie Swale-Thomas is one of many keen touch rugby players.

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