Online poll: About half would consider investing in infrastructure fund

Nearly half of the respondents to a online poll say they would consider investing in a private fund to finance the Cayman government’s major infrastructure projects.  

Of the 421 total respondents, 63 of them – 15 percent – said they would “absolutely” invest in such a fund, while another 143 people – 34 percent – said they might if the terms were right.  

“I want to participate in building a stronger Cayman,” said one person. 

“No problem, once the fund is initiated by a reputable person/entity,” said another person. “Caymanians need to start investing in the infrastructure of their own country. Let’s keep the wealth in the country, it doesn’t need to leave. We need to starting believing in ourselves at a local level.” 

“With pensions losing money, why not invest in Cayman’s infrastructure?” said someone else. 

“It is the right time to do this,” commented one person. “Investing in Cayman’s future and keeping the money here is precisely what we need to do.” 

“This is exactly what Bo Miller has been trying to propose for the last few years,” said another respondent. “It would provide a sense of ownership, pride and identity for investors as part stakeholders and shareholders.” 

Another 51 people – 12.1 percent – said they didn’t have money to invest, but if they did, they would invest in a fund to finance government infrastructure projects.  

“Infrastructure is important and I presume the government project would be carefully vetted,” said one person. 

Another 144 people – 34.2 percent – said they wouldn’t invest in such a fund under any circumstances.  

“Investors expect a return,” said one person. “Government is not only incapable of producing a return, but it has proven when it runs things, it will lose money. One would have to be a fool to give government more money than it already takes. If you wish to invest in Cayman’s infrastructure, buy CUC shares or Cayman Water or the telecommunications companies. They pay a return.” 

“With the Cayman Islands Government’s track record of reneging on signed deals, there’s just no way,” said another person. 

“One only has to review the long and oft-repeated litany of botched governance, ineptitude, incompetence, inefficiency and straight out corruption within the golden circle of certain government, civil service and business people to know how bad this film would turn out in the end,” said one respondent.  

“Not today, Bobo,” commented one person. 

Twenty people – 4.7 percent – responded “I don’t know.”  

Next week’s poll question  

What do you think of the government spending more than $38,000 to provide free food and beverages for attendees of the National Heroes Day event? [Say why in comments]  

I think it’s perfectly appropriate 

Providing refreshments is fine, but $38K is a bit much for an annual event 

It’s a nice gesture, but government shouldn’t be paying for free food and drink 

It’s an unacceptable vote-buying ploy 

I don’t know/other. 

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