Extensive art display features students' work

The artwork of Cayman Prep and High School students was featured in a grand finale display on Friday before being sent off to the United Kingdom’s examination board for grading.

One thousand paintings covered the walls of the Drama Department in one of the largest displays of artwork ever showcased by the school. It featured works from 42 students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

On one wall hung a vast collection of students’ colorful nature art pieces, while another wall was adorned with detailed drawings of catboats, marine, still life, faces and much more.

“It was an exciting evening for students and their families, who gathered with teachers, staff and parents to celebrate and view the extensive artwork in the school’s third annual Spring Student Art Show,” said art teacher Christopher Mann. Mr. Mann coordinated the event with the head of the Art Department, Mark Frazer.

Mr. Mann said the show gives students an opportunity to display their works in a gallery-style setting for the public to view before being sent to the examination board in the U.K. to be graded.

Visitors also had the opportunity to hear music played by students as part of a final performance before sitting their exams. Pieces played by students were works ranging from classical to pop, including music by Beethoven, Bach and the Beatles.

Helping provide background music for the event, student Amy Gillies was enthusiastic about the quality of paintings on display. “The artworks were really, really good,” she said.

The exhibition featured musical performances from various students, who sang and played piano, tenor sax and flute.

Caitlin Westerborg, showcasing her talent on the piano, said: “It was a good experience to be able to practice Allegro di Molto’ by Bach for the upcoming exams, and to create an effective atmosphere for an event like this. It was a great experience and something that helped to develop my music.”

“I thought the art pieces were interesting and fully demonstrated the potential and ability of our arts students at Cayman Prep.
There were a lot of positive comments on the exhibition,” Mr. Frazer said. “The works exhibited are only seen once a year. It is a nice opportunity for other students to see what their peers in the same department are doing.

“The quality of work produced is terrific.”

Most of the pieces will also appear in the National Children’s Art Exhibition in May.


Teacher Catherine Phillips admires the paintings.


Music students Georgia Austin, Sariah Ford-Myles, Joshua Martin, Amy Gillies, Asia Dixon and Caitlin Westerborg provide music for the event. – Photos: Jewel Levy


Helena Frawley plays the violin against a backdrop of artwork by her fellow students.

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