Cousins are pleased as punch as funds will help development

Cayman’s amateur boxers staged a rare show at the Dalmain Ebanks Gymnasium, and two pugilists from the same family will primarily benefit from the proceeds.  

The show featured six bouts, exhibitions, dancing and demonstrations in front of a good sized crowd for a Saturday afternoon. There were some sparkling performances, which bodes well for the future of amateur boxing in Cayman.  

Hopkins Ebanks was the show’s star, beating Shawn Rankine on points in an all-action contest. Money raised will be used for training camp for Hopkins, 16, who was selected to compete in the Youth Qualifying Games in September in Samoa. In addition, funds will be used for his cousin Tafari Ebanks, 20, who competes in the Pan Am Games in June. 

Boxing association president Anne-Marie Byrd put the show together with vice-president Leyla Jackson.  

Byrd said, “The association is delighted with the turnout and community support, which not only allowed us to raise funds but also to give a forum for the younger boxers to showcase their skills and motivate them to keep pushing forward. 

“The show was a success and the fans will have an opportunity to see a second show on June 27. It is the committee’s intent to continue to promote the youth boxing program.  

“We currently have 12 new kids who have joined the program and from their performance on Saturday the fans can expect a bigger and better showcase.” 


Leyla Jackson and Anne-Marie Byrd.


Hopkins Ebanks fought impressively. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD


Tafari Ebanks is training for the Pan Am Games.