Exhibition closes

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee is closing its Sporting Stars Exhibition, currently at the Cayman Islands National Museum, on Thursday, April 30.

The exhibition, which opened last May, was part of an initiative to preserve and promote local sporting history, of which the CIOC covered all expenses.

The CIOC was able to fund this activity through a grant offered by the International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity World Programme.

CIOC president Donald McLean presented the funds to exhibition coordinator Wray Banker.

He said, “The CIOC are pleased to have assisted financially in this historic display of our sporting stars at the National Museum.”

The Olympic parts of the exhibit will remain on permanent display at the CIOC Smith Road office.

McLean added, “Hopefully, this will be the start of preserving our national Olympic committee legacy with the ultimate goal of having an Olympic museum.”

A few of the items that were on display will be returned to the generous athletes and officials who shared their memories over the past year.

Banker expressed his satisfaction with the exhibition, but acknowledges that they were only able to scratch the surface of Cayman’s sporting history.

“The Sporting Stars exhibition was one of the best-looking and put together exhibitions I’ve been a part of at the museum so far,” he said. “It was very satisfying seeing our sporting history in one place for the first time, and there’s so much more to tell.”

“The exhibition wouldn’t have been possible without Olympic committee’s support, not only with funding but with advice, donation of items and connections.”

He said Merta Day and the numerous sporting contributors helped to make this exhibit one of the greatest to date.

Banker added, “I look forward to seeing elements from this exhibition on permanent display at the CIOC’s spaces.”

The CIOC and the National Museum thanked the numerous athletes, officials and volunteers who assisted.