ESO hopes for more business participation

The Economics and Statistics Office is hoping businesses will reply to two surveys sent out this month to gauge economic activity.  

The annual national accounts and balance of payments surveys measure economic activity in Cayman’s public and private sectors. 

Statistics office representatives say they sent out 3,400 forms for the National Accounts Survey, which records economic performance by sector for the country. The office sent out almost 1,000 questionnaires for the Balance of Payments Survey, meant to measure the transactions Cayman has with the rest of the world.  

“In view of their wide use not only by local players, but also by global investors, it is critical that the survey questionnaires be filled accurately and returned,” said ESO senior statistician Julietta Beaupierre. The surveys, which businesses and government units have to complete under the Statistics Law, are due May 15. 

“These are used by analysts and investors in determining the economic viability of the Cayman Islands as a place to invest. They are also used to monitor the economic health of specific sectors or their contribution to economic growth in the Cayman Islands,” she said in a press statement. 

ESO surveys are, by law, confidential and only published as nationwide statistics. 

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