PAWS kennel stolen again

A kennel that serves as a feeding station and shelter for feral cats has been stolen. 

The kennel, which has “PAWS, do no remove” embossed on the roof, was chained to a tree near Frank Sound dock and would have taken at least three people to move, according to Giuseppe Gatta of animal welfare charity PAWS. 

He said the charity would not press charges if the thieves returned the kennel. 

“There is a colony there that we have been feeding for the past few years. The kennel is a safe haven for them,” he said.  

It is the second time a kennel, donated by a member of the public, has been taken from the site. 

Mr. Gatta said PAWS was willing to assist dog owners who could not afford a kennel. 

Anyone with information can reach Mr. Gatta on 916-1731. 


The kennel had been chained to a tree at Frank Sound dock.


A ‘Do not remove’ sign did not deter thieves from taking the kennel.

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