CNB double charges reversed

Cayman National Bank has reimbursed all customers who were double billed in late April. The duplicate charges happened when customers shopped at merchants who use Cayman National for credit card processing or at the bank’s ATMs, the bank said.  

The issue was caused by a technical problem, according to the bank. Visa cards from banks other than Cayman National were double charged between April 25 and April 27 when customers swiped their cards on CNB processing systems. 

Cayman National marketing manager, Shari Whittaker, confirmed that the double charges have been refunded and the bank is still investigating what happened.  

“Upon discovery of the duplication, Cayman National immediately started the process of reversing those duplicated transactions.” Ms. Whittaker said.  

“Because the reversal occurred over the weekend, and each of the receiving banks process the files independently, affected cardholders may not have seen an immediate correction,” she told the Cayman Compass. 

Ms. Whittaker said the bank continues to investigate what she called a “communications error.” 

The error did not affect CNB customers but did hit accounts at other banks, including Butterfield Bank. In a statement to customers, Butterfield said it would refund any overdraft or declined card fees that resulted from CNB’s error.  

“Cayman National apologizes for any inconvenience caused to any cardholders. We continue to investigate the issue so that any necessary correction may be made,” Ms. Whittaker said. 


  1. Bit of a mealy-mouthed apology with an attempt to pass the blame to the other banks. The issue occurred on the weekend of the 25th and the reversal was done the weekend of the 2nd May, not exactly ”immediate” is it?

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