Two prison officers fired

Female officers dismissed at Fairbanks

Two prison officers have been fired from Fairbanks women’s prison for neglect of duty and making false statements, officials have confirmed. 

The dismissal of the two female officers this week is the latest disciplinary issue to affect the prison service.  

Suspensions at Northward 

Two officers are on required leave while an investigation continues into the discovery of a secret camera, hidden in a manager’s office at HMP Northward. Another officer was suspended, and later resigned, last December after it was revealed that he was a registered sex offender in another country. 

Neil Lavis, director of prisons, said the terminations at Fairbanks were not connected to the hidden camera incident. He said the timing of the dismissals was unfortunate, but coincidental. 

“There is no real pattern,” he said. “I haven’t changed my approach. I made it clear when I got here that I will support and help staff if they made an honest mistake. But if they knowingly break the rules, then they have to go through the disciplinary process.” 

According to a statement from the prison service, the officers were charged under the Prison Officer (Discipline) Regulations. Officials declined to give details but said in the statement, “The circumstances were so serious as to warrant the award of termination.” 

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