House Speaker miffed over LA photos

Photographs of two Cayman Islands lawmakers that were apparently taken during Wednesday’s budget debate have raised the ire of House Speaker Juliana O’Connor-Connolly.

At least one of the photos, of Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush – who appeared to be sleeping at the time – was distributed to the islands’ press corps on Thursday.

The other photo was of a government minister, who Ms. O’Connor-Connolly did not identify during her comments made Thursday morning.

She said that House attendance rules allowed members of the press who had registered under the Register of Interests Law to use certain electronic devices to help take notes during Legislative Assembly meetings.

However, recordings by other electronic devices, photography or television recordings were forbidden unless the person using them had express permission from the Speaker to do so.

“Limited provision is provided for the press and no other member of the public,” Ms. O’Connor-Connolly said. “It has been brought to my attention that there were, in fact, two breaches that occurred here [Wednesday] in the precincts of the Legislative Assembly. One with a government minister’s photograph being taken. One with the Leader of the Opposition’s picture being taken.

“I would like to say, categorically, that this chair will not tolerate it. We have a duty to protect every single member in this House whether its ex-officio or elected member. Please desist.”


  1. Wake up Juliana! Stop sleeping in YOUR chair. Just look at the photo of the Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush. There is no way that was taken from the public gallery. That was taken by a fellow member of Parliament! You can’t blame the public or press for that photo. That’s one of your own elected members taking that shot!

  2. I agree pictures should not be taken and distributed to the public because almost everybody catches a nap in he LA now and then. Ever seen a pastor sleeping in church or a judge sleeping on the bench. Everybody sleeps.

  3. Ms House Speaker, why would you name one of the two and say what he was doing, but not name the other or say what he did , and to get miffed , I have to wonder if you’re fit for the job.

  4. Ms. Julie I believe you need to get tough in the house like Ms. Mary did. Absolutely no nonsense, no mater what party you were. I liked that.

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