New men's group raising funds for charity

‘100 Men Who Give a Damn’ to hold first meeting next month

A group of men in Cayman who “give a damn” is raising money for local charities. 

The interest in the group has already surpassed its name – “100 Men Who Give a Damn” – with more than 200 members signing up locally. 

James Stephen, who is among those bringing the concept to Cayman, said, “It is so great to see the support we have received. With 200 members so far, that means $20,000 will go to the successful charity the night of the first meeting.” 

Each member donates $100 each quarter at a meeting of the group. 

The idea originated in Canada in February 2014. Cayman is the first chapter outside of North America.  

There are 15 branches in Canada and another 10 in the United States. 

“We are not a charity but a means to generate cash for a charity,” Mr. Stephen said.  

All funds go to charity 

All of the money collected goes to a charity every quarter. He said the group has no board members, bank accounts, treasurers or administration fees, so all the money goes directly to the selected charity.  

“Basically, it’s the same concept, the same structure and same goal as the one in North America,” said Michael Joseph, spokesman for the group. “You get as many men in a short period of time to give $100 and make a difference. The only difference is, we are ‘Caymanianizing’ it.” 

100 Men Who Give a Damn started through a group of women telling a group of men they “didn’t give a damn.” The men took the challenge to get 100 men to give a damn and it spiraled from there. 

The Cayman branch of 100 Men will host their first meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 8, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort where three selected charities will be given five minutes to present to the group. After a majority rules vote, the funds raised will go directly to the chosen charity that night. 

“It was not hard to pick a charity. We started with 25 now, we have 35 charities on the list,” said Mr. Joseph. 

Members can nominate a charity when they join and then have a second opportunity in the weeks prior to a quarterly meeting to nominate another.  

Women’s group 

Mr. Joseph said some women had expressed interest in getting involved so the men’s group plan to help to set up a similar initiative, called “100 Women Who Care.” There are more than 20 “100 Women Who Care” groups already established in Canada.  

“When we get past our meeting on June 8, we will help create ‘100 Women Who Care,’” Mr. Joseph said. 

Registration and networking will begin at 6 p.m. on June 8. New members can register at or contact [email protected] for more information. 

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