Unsettled weather continues to linger

Unsettled weather conditions in the Cayman Islands area are expected to continue through Tuesday evening as a surface trough continues to interact with an upper level trough over the western Caribbean. 

The surface trough is expected to move across the Yucatan Peninsula on Tuesday night, the Cayman Islands National Weather Service said. 

Last week, between Monday June 2 to Thursday June 5, the Cayman Islands experienced 15.59 inches of rain, more than two and a half times the average amount of rainfall for the entire month of June. 

Cayman Islands National Weather Service Director General John Tibbetts said the weather models have been inconsistent in forecasting the rainfall totals with the system. “Although the interaction between the two systems is what produced all the weather, the very intense showers on Friday evening were associated with a squall line that moved from the west across the area. By Saturday morning the area of unsettled weather moved east of the Cayman area and weakened,” he said. 

Mr. Tibbetts said mid-May is typically the start of the rainy season. Average rainfall totals for May and June are 5.96 and 6.20 inches respectively. The last two weeks of May usually represent some of the highest rainfall rates for the year as the 5.96 inches usually falls in only half a month. Only 3.41 inches of rain were recorded in May this year. 

The wettest month on record was June 1966, when 22 inches of rain fell, according to government weather data. 

Last week’s heavy rains caused isolated flooding of roads and homes across the Cayman Islands, as well as some power outages. However, farmers seemed not too concerned about the rain and one, Hamlin Stephenson, said it was actually a blessing. 

Besides some slight delays, no airline flights were affected by the nasty weather. 

Leisure activities were affected, with several events scheduled to take place over the weekend postponed until later dates. 


Last week’s heavy rains caused isolated flooding, like this near Crystal Rock condos off Selkirk Drive. – Photo: Charles Duncan

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