Talent show brings donation to school

The New Self-Help Foundation has donated $3,000 to assist with building a new performing arts center at George Town Primary School. 

The Foundation’s CEO JC Connor, Lloyd Barker, Arden Rivers and Jason DaCosta presented Cheyenna Stewart, president of the school’s Parent Teacher Association, with the money raised at the 2015 Talent Exposition of the Arts at Harquail Theatre, which was held last Sunday night, June 28. 

Ms. Stewart said she was grateful for the donation. “The arts center will be built in the style of the modern black box theater,” she said. “It will allow children of a very early age to develop their talents. It will also give opportunities to students who may not be able to afford them otherwise.”  

The school is expecting to break ground on the center later this summer.  

Mr. Connor said the Foundation is proud to support the George Town Primary School’s performing arts center project with the funds raised at Talent Exposition of the Arts. 

“The foundation’s main goal is to help youths of today develop a sense of self-worth and to help them recognize their full potential,” Mr. Connor said. 

Commenting on the talent show, Ms. Stewart the concert was an amazing display of Caymanian talent. “The school’s Year’s 3, 4 and 5 violinists and cellists were able to perform with these very talented young performers. It was a great opportunity for them to see what they can aspire to,” she said. 

The estimated cost of the new building for the performing arts center is about $360,000.  

The school is expecting to break ground on the center later this summer.  


Cheyenna Stewart, George Town Primary School’s PTA president, receives the funds raised at the recent Talent Exposition of the Arts, from Self-Help Foundation members JC Connor, Arden Rivers, Jason DaCosta and Lloyd Barker. – Photo: Jewel Levy