Livingston to visit Thailand gyms

Jesse Livingston, a Muay Thai instructor and Team Cayman Fight Factory coach, over the weekend headed for a month’s training in Thailand in the country that founded the combat sport. 

Livingston will train on the small scenic island of Koh Samui, which has some of the most authentic and traditional Muay Thai camps in Thailand. 

There are two gyms in particular where he will train, Wech Pinyo and Samui Super Pro. 

Each offers different training programs and techniques and Livingston hopes to get maximum results in his time there. 

There are two classes a day and affordable one-on-one training available at both gyms, so this will be unlike any holiday he has been on. 

Classes are very demanding: 

  • 4–5 km run (optional) 
  • 30 minutes warm-up, shadow boxing, skipping 
  • 20 minutes technique training 
  • 3×5 minutes sparring 
  • 3×5 minutes bag work 
  • 3×5 minutes pad work 
  • 30 minutes clinching 
  • 45 minutes strength and cardio work. 

Livingston said, “I will become the best I can be in the sport. I’m doing it so that I can share my knowledge with all the hardworking, dedicated students at Cayman Fight Factory.” 

He will be returning home just in time to help coaches Rohann Exctain and Flloyd Moxam train for the BOMAC (Bahamas Open Mixed Martial Arts Championships) event, from Aug. 29, where Team CFF competed in March. 

Livingston wouldn’t travel around the world without visiting Toronto to spend four days with his best friend Poo Choi Grey Brett, who was head instructor at the now defunct Rogue Gym in George Town until he returned to Canada a couple of years ago. 

The two haven’t seen each other since November last year and have a lot of catching up to do. Livingston said, “Team CFF will forever be in debt to Grey. Without his guidance, support and dedication to Muay Thai, none of what is CFF would exist. 

“He is the reason why we’re all still here, training harder every day to make him proud.” 

The Cayman Fight Factory is located off Sparkys Drive, George Town. 

Team CFF has a page on Facebook. Phone: 325-0780. Classes are from 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. On Saturdays at noon the fighters train for the upcoming BOMAC. 


Jesse Livingston, center, with some members of the Cayman Fight Factory.


Cayman Fight Factory is Cayman’s only Muay Thai gym. – PHOTOS: TANEOS RAMSAY