Referees added to CIFA ranks

Football officials had been in short supply in Cayman, but after a course was held recently, there should be no problem with a full quota at all matches.

The Cayman Islands Football Association hosted a Referee Beginner’s Course two weeks ago at the George Town Primary School.

Ten new referees completed the five-day course where they learned the intricacies of the laws of the game, understanding all aspects of the rules and the concept of FIFA’s 11-plus drills for injury prevention.

The new referees have already begun training to increase their fitness levels and to learn the practical elements, such as signaling, decision-making and game management.

Bruce Blake, acting president of the Cayman Islands Football Association, has pledged his full support to referee training and development to ensure officiating standards are improved for the new season.

He said he hopes the new referees will take their training seriously and work hard to provide the games with high-quality officiating.

Livingston Bailey, chairman of the CIFA referees committee, said he was impressed with the enthusiasm and positive attitudes exhibited by the new referees during their training sessions.

Bailey said he is confident that these new referees, so long as they remain focused, will grasp the concept of modern officiating standards and excel.

Bailey added that the new season will also be enhanced with additional training for all referees, as the FIFA referee department has approved advanced technical and fitness training for Cayman Islands referees in November.