Dock consultation: The responses

The consultants received 473 responses on the port project from the public, including locals and tourists. Of those, 347 objected to the project, 111 expressed support, and 15 were either neutral or undecided.

Here’s a snapshot of what some of the respondents had to say:

“I own a dive shop in the Turks and Caicos Islands and saw the devastation done to the reefs in Grand Turk. Please do not make the same mistake our Government did in allowing the facility to be developed. Many of my divers have told me they will not come to Grand Turk anymore if they built a cruise [dock]. They kept their word and did not come back. Think before you act.” – Debbie Been, dive operator

“PADI implores the Cayman Islands Government to cease plans to initiate this project, and seek alternative solutions to mitigate the situation and not destroy the priceless natural underwater assets belonging to Grand Cayman Island. We would be pleased to help in any way you deem appropriate and stand ready to assist.” – Drew Richardson, president and CEO of Professional Association of Dive Instructors, Worldwide

“The plans for the port call for some 1,600 [feet] on our coastline to be used for this project. If you put that against the 53 miles of coastline that we have, it is approximately 0.6 percent of our coast that will be impacted and I contend this is acceptable, bearing in mind the benefit to our Caymanian people and to our economy. Cruise tourism is some 20 percent of our economy, without considering the spin-off benefits of visitors returning as stay-over guests.” – Gene Thompson, developer

“Cayman is the only significant cruise port in the Caribbean area without a berthing facility and it will run significant risks to its long-term cruise-related business if it doesn’t provide [a dock]. The lack of a dock facility means there is little opportunity to manage the overall port experience, including disembarking the ship, managing ground transportation and access to shore excursion experiences. When compared to other destinations, Cayman offers a truly inferior guest experience.” – Brynley Davies, Image Group, cruise photo concessionaire

“The reason why we are standing up to this battle and pushing #savecayman is not for the self interests, but for the same reason why our visitors come here to begin with – the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Islands, its beautiful reefs and gorgeous white sandy beaches.” – Keith Sahm, Sunset House

“I work in the tourism industry and the proposed cruise berthing facility, I feel, would be a great asset to our business by allowing more and larger cruise ships to be received on island and in turn create more revenue for the island.” – Marques Riddick

“Dear Ms. Governor, my name is Aidan. I think we should not destroy the coral reef because lots of fish live there. If you kill all the fish, local fisherman can’t sell fish to restaurants, then we have to import fish and it will cost more money. Thank [you] for reading my letter.” – Aidan, Grade 6, Montessori by the Sea


  1. @ Jeremy Smith

    I meant the one that they posted a week or so ago. I have not seem the results yet. It asked what was the most important issue with the dock proposal or something like that.