Rotaract Blue help feed the elderly

Group visits Pines Retirement Home

Residents of the Pines Retirement Home were all smiles after spending a day socializing with members and friends of Rotaract Blue recently. 

“Visiting the Pines is such a humbling experience for us. But the biggest reward is the smiles we see on their faces each time,” said Alice Ramos, club president of Rotaract Blue. 

The special visit to the Pines was part of the service club’s annual “Feed the Elderly” campaign. 

During the day, Rotaractors and residents enjoyed a relaxing afternoon playing cards, sharing words of wisdom and chatting about the good old days.  

Not only did residents and caretakers enjoy the company of fresh new faces, but Rotaract Blue members say they also gained valuable insight from the residents. 

Ms. Ramos urged the entire community to continue to honor and value older persons or simply lend a listening ear. 

“This visit also reminded us of the significant role older persons play in our society. They are the living history, which many of us take for granted,” she said. 

Lunch was sponsored by Mise en Place. According to Ms. Ramos, it is one of residents’ favorite food vendors.  

Organizers say they are looking forward to next year’s visit, along with more projects for the elderly community of the Cayman Islands. 

Throughout the year, the club will also be focusing on its membership growth and wellness, collaboration with other local nonprofit organizations and creating projects locally and internationally. 

Members of Rotaract Blue with Pines residents.

Members of Rotaract Blue with Pines residents.

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