Hockey programs return with schools tournament

The 2015 Youth Roller hockey and Learn to Skate program is about to resume at Kings Sports Centre.  

Entering the program’s 10th season on the only indoor hockey rink in the Caribbean, Kings has become a staple for the skating and hockey community.  

It has a Learn to Skate program for beginners and hockey league for five youth groups – ages 6 and under to 14 and under – as well as an adult hockey league.  

The hockey league has more than 125 boys and girls from an array of diverse backgrounds playing or skating.  

There are Caymanian, European, American, South African, South American and Canadian kids in the league, and they all come together to play competitively and learn the game.  

Kids interested in playing, no matter what their skill level, are welcome as the league is always looking for new players and skaters to join.  

The league is also looking for more corporate sponsorship. 

The kids receive a jersey with the company name and medals at the end of the season, and sponsor money keeps the costs down as well as maintaining a high standard in floor times and coaching. 

For kids on island, the season starts with an intense inter-school hockey tournament in mid-September, followed by the fall Learn to Skate and Roller Hockey League, which commence on Sept. 21 and run through to Dec. 12. In addition, there are potential hockey camp travel-team tryouts. These programs and tournaments are also overseen and managed by the Cayman Islands Roller Hockey Committee. 

There is a long list of committed, volunteer coaches, including Fiona McLeod, Rich Hastings, Mark Thompson, Dan Allard, Patrick Cover, Andrew Finlason, Aaron Knapik, Nik Corsetti, Ian Lambert, Reg Edwards, Robin Holmes, Chris Hope, Dan Allard, Cary Marr, Mike Kehoe, Dennis Passchier, Paul Peene, Ben Booker, Nigel Winsor, Ryan Oelschlager and Jason and Montte Windsor. 

Hockey league players and potential sponsors should contact coach Dennis Passchier at Kings Sports Centre, on 946-5464 or 
email: [email protected] 

League players who recently returned from one of the U.S.

League players who recently returned from one of the U.S. tournaments, with coaches Andrew Finlason, left, and Patrick Cover.