Civil service develops 'five-year plan'

Cayman Islands Deputy Governor Franz Manderson is commissioning the development of a new five-year strategic plan for the government service. 

The plan, according to Mr. Manderson, will seek advice from rank-and-file government workers, seeking to determine what methods of providing government services have worked well and determining how those methods can be expanded to the entire civil service. 

“If you want a strategic plan that is realistic, achievable and has the potential to create sustained positive change, it is critical that its development include those persons who will be charged with the task of bringing the plan to life,” Mr. Manderson said in a statement released Monday. 

The plan is expected to be completed by February and is being driven by the same civil service unit responsible for the implementation of recommendations in the Ernst & Young consultants report. 

Mr. Manderson, who has often advocated for improved customer service in the government, said the plan would seek to emphasize positives, rather than the negatives. 

“In looking around the civil service, I am encouraged by the moments of excellence that emerge when we are operating at our best and I am hopeful that together we can make the necessary shifts in our organization so that those moments of excellence become business as usual,” he said. 

Mr. Manderson

Mr. Manderson


  1. Might I suggest that advice also be sought from members of the public. One of the biggest problems which has been constant since I arrived here over 40 years ago is difficulty in communicating with Government departments. Time and time again phone calls are never answered and voice mail messages are not returned.
    Referring to rank and file members of the Service to identify what areas have worked well, will do nothing to resolve the problem areas and these problems will not be identified from within.