Woman pleads guilty to Brac burglary

Defendant seeks help for drug addiction

A woman with a drug problem pleaded guilty on Tuesday to burglary last month at a liquor-licensed premises in Cayman Brac. 

Susie Diane McKinley, 51, admitted entering the Barracuda Bar in West End on Sept. 18 as a trespasser and stealing three bottles of alcohol, coins, a cash register and battery charger. 

Defense attorney Nicholas Dixey pointed out that the burglary was not domestic and that the cash register had been recovered. 

He said McKinley did not wish to apply for bail at this time because she acknowledged she had a problem with drugs and needed help.  

He wondered whether, as a resident of Cayman Brac, McKinley would be eligible for the Drug Rehabilitation Court, which meets every Thursday afternoon in Grand Cayman. 

Mr. Dixey asked for the case to be mentioned in another two weeks so that inquiries could be made as to how McKinley could begin to better herself. Proposals included counseling, random testing and supervision. 

Magistrate Grace Donalds set the case for mention again on Oct. 20. She continued McKinley’s remand in custody until then.