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Dart appeals Britannia ruling

The Dart group has filed an appeal of a Grand Court judgment which would compel the developer to provide golf and beach access to neighboring residents as a condition of its 2016 purchase of a suite of properties including the old Hyatt hotel and Britannia golf course.

Woman slapped with 18 charges refused bail

A George Town woman charged with 18 offences, including a series of thefts, has been remanded into custody after being denied bail.

Teen charged with stabbing

A 19-year-old man from George Town has been remanded in custody after appearing in court Monday on a charge of wounding in relation to a stabbing on 31 Aug.

Court resumes issuing maintenance cheques

Court administrators have confirmed that they have resumed issuing cheques for maintenance or child support, which will be delivered through the mail.

Cost-of-living increase cuts into court budget

Government’s 5% rise in cost of living for civil servants has taken a toll on the judiciary’s budget and its plans for staffing increases.

Man convicted of possessing unlicensed firearm

Elmer Wright, 26, was convicted of two counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm, in the form of ammunition and a bulletproof vest, in the Grand Court on Tuesday.

Bananas murder trial begins

The detainees in connection with the murder of Dinesh Asanka Fernando of Sri Lanka made their first court apparence on Friday 6 Dec.

Letter: Select Vantage Inc. responds

Select Vantage Inc. (SVI) is disappointed that the Cayman Compass published its article without first seeking comment from SVI. If comment had been sought, SVI could have corrected some significant errors in the article.

EDITORIAL – When convictions go unrecorded in our courts

Along the marl road, the appearance of favoritism can leave as great an impression as fact. It can contribute to erosion of public trust in the judiciary, perhaps the public institution that relies most on unimpeachability and integrity.


Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL: Support the court — Build the building

Yes — in the realm of international finance, offshore centers such as Cayman “compete” to host blockbuster civil trials that could, legally speaking, take place in any number of jurisdictions.

Editorial – Road rally: Revving up our justice system

As far as we know, not a single case resulting from the crackdown has been carried through to conviction or exoneration before judge or jury. Why not?

Court clamps down on open records policy

An apparent change in policy is making it more difficult for people to access Cayman Islands court documents. A sign posted on the third floor of Kirk House informs visitors that they are allowed to access court records but not permitted to make any copies of the documents.

Son says father did not know about gun

Father and son George Lunard Powell and Jordan Bryson Powell appeared in Summary Court via video link from Northward Prison on Wednesday, when the younger defendant told the court, “I don’t think my father should be here.”

Hotel employee pleads guilty to theft

A woman described as “master cashier” appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to theft. Narine Hunter, 55, admitted stealing CI$13,397 from The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Two plead not guilty to assaulting police

Two people accused of assaulting police over the weekend pleaded not guilty Wednesday afternoon after being brought to Summary Court from custody for their first appearance. Thor Emil Nickelson, 33, and Cleopatra Covan Bush, 53, were charged following an incident on Saturday, Jan. 14.

Hit-and-run victim’s family offers forgiveness

The family of hit-and-run victim Donnie Ray Connor say they did not want to see the man responsible for his death go to jail.

14 years for wife’s attempted murder

A 44-year-old man who hacked his estranged wife with a machete and then tried to poison her with weed killer was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment on Thursday.

Traffic court for ‘racing’ DVDL inspector

A Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing inspector who drove a sports car he was inspecting into a light pole, over the median and onto the opposite lanes of Crewe Road in July will face prosecution for careless driving.

Christmas behind bars for terror suspect

A 58-year-old man accused of terrorist activity in Turkey in the 1980s will spend Christmas in prison in Grand Cayman.

RCIPS suspends three police constables

Three Royal Cayman Islands Police officers have been suspended from duty following separate convictions for either common assault or assault causing actual bodily harm stemming from incidents that occurred during the course of their jobs.

Tasered man had gun ‘for protection’

A man who claimed that several people were trying to kill him was sentenced Thursday to the mandatory minimum term of seven years for possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Man finds credit card, rakes up $3,000 bill

A man who found a credit card in a parking lot and then used it at different businesses was sentenced on Monday for four charges of obtaining property by deception. Ruel Dervin Brown, 46, admitted obtaining goods by falsely representing that he was authorized to use someone else’s credit card.

Welcome to resort court

Welcome to resort court — our editorial cartoon

West Bay assault suspects released on bail

Two men arrested in what police said was a gang-related beating in West Bay last week appeared in court Monday facing assault charges. Both Andrew Earl Ebanks and Jared Radcliff Timothy were accused of attacking the victim using a baseball bat and a fence post on Birch Tree Hill Road.

Court moves to resort, citing lack of space

A conference room at the Marriott Resort will serve as a courtroom for six days, starting Monday, Nov. 7. Justice Nicholas Segal is presiding. Yasmin Ebanks, listing officer of the Grand Court, confirmed that lack of space in the usual court facilities necessitated the use the conference room in the Seven Mile Beach hotel as a “special designated court.”

Judge to sum up Caymanian status scam trial

Justice Michael Wood is scheduled to begin summing up the evidence in the trial of Paul Anthony Hume Ebanks on Monday morning. He told jurors he planned to send them out to consider their verdicts on Tuesday morning. Trial began the week of Oct. 10, with Ebanks facing 27 charges of obtaining property by deception.

Woman in nail salon robbery trial awaits judge’s verdict

Evidence and speeches in the trial of Christine Rae-Smith concluded this week, but the defendant will not hear the verdict until next month. Rae-Smith, a former personal assistant to MLAs Roy McTaggart and Winston Connolly, pleaded not guilty to three counts of robbery and one count of possessing imitation firearms with intent to commit robbery.

Woman denies planning GT salon robbery

Defendant Christine Rae-Smith told the court on Monday that she did not help plan the armed robbery of a George Town beauty salon last year, saying instead she was one of the victims.

Chiropractor Khan awaits sentencing

From a new referral to a woman who had been coming to him for 15 years, chiropractor Jemal Abdullah Khan took advantage of his female patients’ trust by indecently assaulting at least nine of them and taking photographs of two without their consent, a court heard Wednesday.

Chiropractor’s sentencing adjourned until November 16

Justice Charles Quin heard submissions on Wednesday afternoon concerning the charges to which chiropractor Jemal Khan pleaded guilty last month. Justice Quin adjourned sentencing until 2 p.m. on Wednesday, November 16.

Deputy governor gives evidence in status scam trial

Franz Manderson, deputy governor of the Cayman Islands, gave evidence Tuesday in the trial of Paul Anthony Hume Ebanks, who is accused of being involved in an immigration scam.

Police officers argue age, nationality discrimination

A human rights case of 10 Caymanian police officers who claim they were discriminated against on the grounds of age and nationality when they were forced to retire or accept a demotion at age 55 stalled in Grand Court on Tuesday.

Track association accused of election impropriety

The former president of the Cayman Islands Athletic Association has won a temporary injunction to prevent the organization from holding its annual general meeting and elections amid allegations of discrepancies in the voter rolls.

ATM thief sentenced to 20 months

A man who pleaded guilty to thefts and attempted thefts from the ATMs of two local banks was sentenced on Monday to 20 months’ imprisonment.

Three acquitted of gun charge, sentenced for ganja

Justice Charles Quin found three men not guilty of possessing an unlicensed firearm and then sentenced them for the ganja in which the firearm had been found.

Man sentenced for overstaying work permit almost 10 years

A man whose work permit expired in 2006 was sentenced Monday to two years’ imprisonment, but with 18 months suspended. Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez said she constructed the sentence that way to give immigration officials time to deal with procedures before deporting him at the earliest opportunity.

Webster pleads not guilty to gross indecency

Former Bodden Town political candidate Errington Webster entered pleas of not guilty in Grand Court on Friday to four counts of gross indecency. Justice Charles Quin set the trial for Jan. 16.

Two men plead guilty to Bodden Town robbery

Two men pleaded guilty on Friday to the Aug. 12 robbery in Bodden Town that involved the theft of $2,136. Romario Jerome Codner, 21, and Paul Martin, 28, admitted stealing the money, the property of JN Money Transfer, at D and D Accessories & Things.

Man jailed 16 months for possession of child pornography

Magistrate Valdis Foldats sentenced a man to 16 months’ immediate imprisonment Monday for possession of child pornography. The case is believed to be the first of its kind in Cayman. Two previous cases were cited by attorneys, but those defendants were sentenced for indecent assault or defilement as well, and each man’s sentence for possession of child pornography was concurrent.

13 years for ‘appalling’ and ‘terrible’ rape

A man who tried to strangle his victim and threatened to kill her was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years’ imprisonment for what Justice Michael Mettyear called a terrible and appalling rape.

‘I did not touch her,’ accused teacher says

A high school teacher accused of indecently assaulting three of his female student told a court Thursday, “I did not touch her,” when asked about interaction during a class with one of the complainants. Asked about a second girl, who testified that he had touched her breast, he said she never called him over to her desk for help with her work, as she had said, and he never touched her.

Three sentenced in cocaine conspiracy

Three people were sentenced Wednesday after admitting they conspired with Alexander Adrian Ebanks to supply controlled drugs. Ebanks was sentenced last month to 6 1/2 years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to offenses that included seven charges of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

Illegal lander found in immigration officer’s home sentenced to 30 days

A man found in the home of a senior immigration officer was sentenced on Monday to 30 days imprisonment for illegal landing. Antonio Bullard, 30, pleaded guilty to landing in Cayman on or before Aug. 25, the day he was found at a Savannah residence with two other men and two women.

Murder witness gets 18 months for possession of pistol

A witness who acquired a gun for protection after giving evidence in a murder trial was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in prison for possessing an unlicensed firearm. Justin Alvin Ebanks was subject to the mandatory minimum sentence of seven years after pleading guilty to possessing an unlicensed pistol and ammunition.

Not guilty verdict in cocaine conspiracy trial

Following a brief trial by judge alone, Canute Sebastian Nairne was found not guilty Friday of conspiracy to import cocaine.

Man pleads guilty to firearm and ammo charges

Randy James Parchment pleaded guilty in Grand Court Friday to charges of possessing an unlicensed firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition.

Officer says he feared for his life before using Taser

Police officer Cardiff Robinson gave evidence on Thursday that he used a Taser on a suspect in May 2014 because he honestly believed the man was a potential threat to his safety and the safety of other officers.

Police employee misses her court date

Two civilian employees of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service were due in Summary Court on Tuesday on charges that included breach of trust, but only one appeared.

Businessman fined for late paperwork

Failing to produce documents required by the Department of Labour and Pensions cost a businessman $700 last week.

Track coach detained in US pending extradition

A U.S. magistrate judge ordered last week that a Cayman Islands track coach be detained without bond pending any further court appearances in connection with an extradition request the British government made for his return to Cayman.

Handgun, ammo charges go to Grand Court

Firearms charges against Randy James Parchment were committed to Grand Court on Monday after the defendant elected to have his matter heard in the higher court.

Man jailed 12 years for indecency with child, rape of teenager

Michell Anderson Gambao Garcia was sentenced on Wednesday to 12 years’ imprisonment for two offenses of gross indecency with a girl aged five, two counts of rape of a girl he said he thought was 16, and possession of indecent photographs of children.

Man pleads guilty to West Bay rape

Andre Antonio Chase, 22, pleaded guilty in Grand Court on Monday to charges of rape and aggravated burglary. Justice Michael Mettyear set sentencing for Sept. 28.

Savannah man charged with firearm offense

A Savannah resident appeared in Summary Court on Monday afternoon charged with possession of a revolver and ammunition without a firearms license.

Bahamian national held for illegal landing

A Bahamian national charged with illegal landing has been remanded in custody so that local authorities can check the story put forward on his behalf on Monday afternoon in Summary Court.

Two plead guilty to cocaine conspiracy

Seven people appeared in Grand Court on Friday accused of conspiring with Alexander Adrian Ebanks to supply controlled drugs. All were given return dates, with two who pleaded guilty coming back for sentencing on Sept. 28.

Court orders two retrials

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has ordered retrials in two cases after hearing arguments over the past two weeks.

Brac customs officer arrested

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers arrested a Cayman Brac customs officer on suspicion of possessing an unlicensed firearm after a search of the man’s home Tuesday recovered the weapon, police said.

Record compensation payout for accident victim

Nearly two decades after suffering a severe brain injury in a boating accident as a child, a Caymanian man has been awarded the highest personal injury compensation payout in the island’s history.

Carpark injuries sent to Grand Court

An incident in the parking lot outside Fete Night Club over the weekend led to two charges of wounding with intent against Desly Kishon Missick, who appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday.

Woman pleads not guilty to Cruz Ln. arson

Latecia Jarrett pleaded not guilty to a charge of arson on Friday and her attorney advised that the trial would be by jury rather than judge alone.

Witness credibility to be challenged in appeal

The credibility of Raziel Jeffers’s ex-girlfriend will be an important factor in his appeal against conviction for manslaughter, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal heard on Thursday.

Trial date set for teacher’s aide indecent assault case

A teacher’s aide accused of indecently assaulting seven female students will have his trial starting Feb. 13, 2017.

Customers’ phones stolen at nightclub

A man who admitted stealing three cellphones at a nightclub was given a suspended sentenced on Monday after Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez heard that the phones had been returned to their owners and the defendant had no previous convictions.

Winding up sought for second Bateman company

A court petition seeking to wind up a Cayman Islands-registered company once controlled by a man wanted locally on a grievous bodily harm charge was filed last week, after attempts to recover at least $4.8 million in the firm’s assets failed.

Chief inspector denies abusing officer

A police chief inspector accused of assaulting an officer under his command in a public confrontation in central George Town said he was simply admonishing the man in a “firm but fair” manner.

Woman charged with arson after GT house fire

Letecia Jarrett, 37, appeared in Summary Court on Thursday, charged with arson in connection with a house fire in George Town late last month.

Concern over child abuse investigations

Child advocates have raised concerns over how sexual abuse allegations are handled in the Cayman Islands in the wake of a judge’s warning that “inexcusable delays” had impacted the chances of justice in a recent case.

Trial in indecent assaults case may wait until 2017

More delays in the case of a teacher’s aide accused of indecently assaulting primary school girls may put off a trial until next year, a magistrate said Wednesday.

Premier: Residency review ‘not intended’ for publication

A consultant’s review of the Cayman Islands Immigration Law completed earlier this year is “not intended” for publication, according to Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Court orders winding up of fugitive’s firm

A Cayman Islands-registered investment firm whose director was described as a “fugitive” during proceedings of the Grand Court has been ordered wound up in accordance with the local Companies Law.

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