Cull brings in more than 900 lionfish

Lionfish numbers were reduced by 942 during a cull over the weekend in a tournament sponsored by the Cayman United Lionfish League.

Team Divetech placed first in the total weight and total fish categories, bringing in 413 lionfish. Ambassador Divers placed first in both the biggest fish and smallest fish categories. The tournament culminated with ‘The Great Lionfish Cook-off.’

The Blue Parrot won that competition with its lionfish empanadas.

Cull brings in more than 900 lionfish

Team Divetech, pictured from left, are Drew McArthur, Ragime Powery, Joe Avary, Jo Mikutowicz and Carl Jackson. Photo: Kelsey Jukam


  1. Great! If this was done every weekend, we might just be rid of them at some point! Has anyone looked into any kind of fish trap for them? Might be a suggestion since they only seem to be able to be caught by divers. Might just be time to design something. (Or we can find out how the Cubans are dealing with the problem!)

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