The Force is strong

First impressions 

Star Wars fever is officially running rampant throughout the world. The latest film in the series – “The Force Awakens” – will be officially released in the U.S. on Dec. 18. For many, that’s seven weeks too far away. 

A new trailer recently hit the Internet and fans went predictably bonkers. Tickets are already on sale and records are falling like “WKRP in Cincinnati” turkeys. According to, “No movie has ever sold more than $1 million in IMAX tickets in one day, ever, but The Force Awakens sold $6.5 million in tickets on its first day.” Holy Han Solo, Batman! 

I have always been a huge Star Wars fan. Maybe it’s because I look like a Wookie when my hair’s brushed out. Just like everyone else, I was bitterly disappointed with the last three films. Jar Jar Binks brought the high-pitched hell and the Force was not with Hayden Christensen, who acted like he had a light saber stuck up his Selonian Tunnel. 

It seems we’re all ready to forgive and forget, based on the buzz surrounding the next film in the series, and are looking for anything to keep us occupied until Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens hits the theaters. 

There are loads of Star Wars apps out there, from games to the well known LEGO reenactments. Some cost money and some are free. The Official Star Wars app from Disney is a free one and is full of fun facts, features and games. 

If there’s one thing that young Jedis appreciate, it’s a free app. Oh, and Yoda. 

How it works 

Finding the right app is the first challenge. As I mentioned earlier, there are loads of Star Wars apps in the stores so you have to make sure you’ve chosen the correct one. Despite the fact that it is supposed to work on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, you have to choose the “iPhone only” option in the App Store in order to see it listed if you’re on your iPad. 

Tap on the icon and download it. 

The first thing the app will ask for is your age. Honestly, the cheek! 

Next you have to choose between “Droid,” “Light Side” and “Dark Side.” This only seems to affect the color of your panel, but who knows what else it could mean in the future, so choose wisely, you must. 

After you’ve given your age and chosen your path, your screen will suddenly be awash with digital information. You’ll see the temperature and how it compares to other worlds. For example, apparently 66 degrees feels like Endor. 

There is also trivia under “This day in Star Wars history;” a countdown clock; and the latest news about everything Jedi. 

Tap on the “Trainer” icon to test your skills with the light saber. Remember the remote used to train Luke in the original Star Wars film? Well that’s your opponent, and after some tips on how to beat it, you’re on your own. 

It has to be said that although this app is iPad compatible, this particular game would be easier to play with a smaller device, like an iPhone. 

The “Board” icon offers many quotes as spoken by the original characters, so if you want to hear Han Solo telling it like it is, or C-3PO moaning about the latest travesty, tap away to your heart’s content. You can even save your favorites. 

After you’ve heard quotes for a few hours, you can move on to the “GIFS + EMOJIS” section, or go straight to my personal preference, the “SELFIE” option. If you’ve ever pictured yourself as Princess Leia, an X-wing starfighter pilot or Obi-Wan Kenobi, now’s your chance to make the dream a reality. 

You can change the characters in your picture and the backgrounds, along with the color of your light saber; always important, based on what side you’ve chosen to fight. 

If you want to adjust your profile, tap on the character in the top right hand corner of the main screen at any time. 

When I tried it 

What can I say? I really enjoyed playing around with this app. The facts were interesting and I liked exploring what emojis it had, but my two favorite features were the selfie and training options. 

I took a selfie as Princess Leia with those wonderful cinnamon buns on either side of my head and as my sister said, I looked like a Terry Gilliam creation from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. 

When it came to training with a light saber, I looked kinda ridiculous swinging my iPad about in the room to avoid the shots from that remote-cum-drone on the screen. The Force was weak in this one, and all that. 

That being said, I still had a hoot playing with it. 

Final thoughts 

This app is free; it’s all about Star Wars; and you can be a main character through the magic of camera technology. There are many things to recommend the Star Wars app and although it’s not a substitute for the upcoming film, hopefully it’ll take your mind off the wait until The Force Awakens arrives at Regal Camana Bay. Download it, you should. 

  • Pros: Free. Star Wars selfies. Train to be a Jedi knight. 
  • Cons: Your reputation for being a nerd will be cemented. 
  • Cost: Free 
  • Seller: Disney Electronic Content, Inc. 
  • Devices: iOS and Android 
  • Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) 
  • Three stars 

Immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars.


The resemblance to Carrie Fisher is simply extraordinary. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope!


You have the power of the Force in the palm of your hand.


This is the icon to look for in the App Store.

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