Hurley's Media buys Vibe and Spin FM

Hurley’s Media Group, the owners of Rooster FM radio and the Cayman 27 television channel, among other entities, has bought Vibe 98.9 FM and Spin 94.9 FM to add to its growing broadcasting business. 

The company, which completed the purchase of Cayman 27 in July, confirmed in a press release Thursday that it has acquired the radio stations. 

The purchase is subject to approval of the Information and Communications Tech­nology Authority. 

Randy Merren, managing director of Hurley’s Media, said there are no immediate plans for changes at either station. 

He said the move expands the company’s broadcasting reach, and there is natural crossover between television and radio. 

“This purchase will further establish Hurley’s position in the radio market and enable us to benefit from the growth in radio advertising. 

“The two radio stations will complement our existing radio and newly acquired television stations, enabling deeper inroads with advertisers across all platforms.” 

The Hurley’s Media Group also owns Island 24, Discover Cayman, Daily Deals and Z99.9FM. 

DMS also owns four radio stations. 

Mr. Merren added, “These recent acquisitions put us in a prime position to uniquely cater to the radio and television needs of the Cayman Islands market with a wide variety of quality programming across the board.” 

Kenny Rankin, of Paramount Media Ltd., said the company finalized the sale of the two radio stations after more than three years of discussions. 

Randy Merren

Randy Merren


  1. I think that the buying up of the radio stations and television stations by one company /one owner, might be some thing that the people might not like in the future, this is called monopoly, and how the government can alow this to happen??? I think that the PEOPLE should wake-up to this outreagous take over by the government and the lodge boys.

  2. Why are some people so stupid that they can’t see that when one man/one company own all radio and television stations, that this is monopoly and dictatorship, and you would be forced to hear and see only what the owner wants you to hear and see.

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