Five in court for credit card cloning fraud

Four men and one woman appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday charged with conspiracy to defraud local retail banks. 

They are accused of conspiring together with persons unknown to defraud the banks by dishonestly withdrawing cash from Automatic Teller Machines with the use of cloned credit cards between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3. 

Senior Crown Counsel Tricia Hutchinson said more charges would be coming. She did not provide any details. The conspiracy charge did not include any sum of money. 

No application was made for bail at this time. The address for all five defendants was the Treasure Island Resort on West Bay Road. 

Attorney James Stenning appeared for three men, all Romanian nationals. They are: Ovidui-Giulian Dobrea, 40; Ionut-Catalin Petcu, 27; and Marius-Ioan Bud-Popa, 42. Attorney John Furniss represented Ayoub Cheaaibi, 27, a British national; and Nytia Tynea Bradley, 26, an American. Mr. Furniss told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that Cheaaibi wished to deal with his matters “as expeditiously as he can.” 

He also advised that, although Bradley had no local contacts, he was looking into possible arrangements for her bail, in part because she is the mother of a young child. 

The magistrate said the matter should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Even though there may be a great deal of paperwork, in the end these cases are quite simple, he commented. He concluded that an adjournment of two weeks should be enough for attorneys to get the papers and go over them with their clients. 

The next court date was set after the magistrate asked what would be most convenient for the interpreter of the Romanian language who attended to assist the court. 

He set Wednesday, Nov. 25, for the next mention and said he would try to call the matter on first. 

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