50 years ago: North Side News

In the Nov. 17 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a predecessor of the Cayman Compass, North Side correspondent Nettie McCoy wrote:

“Arriving on Sat. was Mr. John S. Douglas to spend his vacation. He is an employee of N.B.C. and now has his 3rd Mates License.

Leaving on Sun. to take up work with N.B.C. was Mr. Lloyd Whittaker who spent a long vacation with his family.

On Sat. evening quite a number of Sunday School children, along with the Teachers, went into George Town to share in the Youth Rally at the Presbyterian Church. This Rally was a united effort on the occasion of the visit of the Moderator of Synod and his party from Jamaica.

Arriving home on Mon. were Mr. Justis Ebanks and Mr. David Whittaker. These men were employed on the s.s. ‘Federal Monarch’ which has been sold.

Back from a short trip to California is Miss Alex Ebanks who, with her brother and sister, went there a few months ago. Her father, Mr. Cromwell Ebanks, now resides in Calif.

Mr. George C. McCoy was returned from his visit to New York, where he had gone to see his brother.”

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