50 years ago: Eyesores and need for cemetery

In the Nov. 24, 1965 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a predecessor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Arthur Hunter wrote that it was a pity that restoration of historical sites was confined to those in George Town, particularly Fort George. 

“In Bodden Town there exists a monument in memory of Queen Victoria. This was erected during the administration of Commissioner Hirst from public subscription raised by the inhabitants of this town. 

“Up to a few years ago, a suitable inscription adorned it. Today the monument is in a sorry state and the inscription is gone, leaving an ‘eyesore’ in the middle of the town. 

“The mention of ‘eyesore’ leads one to think immediately of the cemetery in Bodden Town, which likewise originated as a result of the efforts of the citizens of this town, and unlike that in George Town, is not Government owned. 

“Today the cemetery is virtually filled to capacity and therefore an urgent needs exists for it to be extended or an alternative site found.  

“Could not the Government immediately acquire the adjoining lands to the west of the existing cemetery and have the entire area properly cleaned and fenced?” 

Eyesores and need for cemetery

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