Christmas cleanup

Please allow me space in your newspaper to express my view on the cleanup project that is offered to Caymanians and spouses of Caymanians once a year and at the end of the year only. It is not because they are unwilling to work all year long!

It is the same people that accept this employment that are willing to work all year, just like others, while others are doing their jobs the whole year long. The government has caused this to happen and in many cases these same people are denied unemployment benefits while others are enjoying them.

I am sure that we could keep the islands as is and that these people will make it through the rest of the year without this cleanup. Government has to keep these people in mind and provide them with opportunities all year long, and if not a job, unemployment benefits. There are some which do not seem to fit the criteria for governmental assistance but are receiving it; some of these same people may sign up as well and may be selected – keeping someone else, who is not receiving any benefits, from earning a few dollars. I pray that this does not happen.

All these businesses that were supposed to bring employment opportunities for Caymanians; where are they? Look and see! Who would you say is responsible for this? They made it get away but we have to put a stop to it. I pray that God will help us to do it! It will not be our Cayman if government doesn’t change its outlook about these islands. We need representatives who will work for the people and not against them.