People that time Forgot: Sarah Leonie Jackson

Christmas Beef

In this image taken some three decades ago, Sarah Leonie Jackson from Lower Valley is holding on to her family’s share of Christmas beef. 

She passed away in 1999. 

The tradition of Christmas beef preparation has been around as long as anyone can remember in Cayman. 

Recipes for Cayman Christmas beef differ from family to family and district to district. Some like it spicy and some like it fatty. 

Local farmers would spend all year fattening their cows before customers start placing orders for their favorite cuts of Christmas beef. 

“Butchering of the cow day” – typically several days before Christmas – often turns into a social gathering where friends get together to play dominos, drink beer and gossip, while the butcher cuts off the specified ordered portions. 

This image is from the book ‘The People That Time Forgot’ by George Nowak, available at the National Museum. All proceeds from the sales of this book go toward museum projects. 

Sarah Leonie Jackson from Lower Valley. - Photo: George Nowak

Sarah Leonie Jackson from Lower Valley. – Photo: George Nowak