'Curry' favor with your neighbors this Cayman Thanksgiving


Cayman Thanksgiving will be celebrated this weekend at the Agricultural Pavilion in Lower Valley on Dec. 5, and in people’s homes on Dec. 6.

Residents are encouraged to participate by heading to the “Market @ the Grounds” on Saturday to purchase fresh produce and supplies for a Thanksgiving meal on Sunday. 

There will be lots of entertainment to enjoy in the Agricultural Pavilion, as this year, the traditional Homecoming Concert will be merged with a mini Agriculture Show and Family Fun Day. Live music, cooking demonstrations and tastings will join a high school cook-off and appearances by Gimistory performers. 

Those who have not been to the market in the past may be surprised at the bounty offered by local farmers. Pumpkin, breadfruit, peppers, cassava, yam, bananas, eggs, candies, breads, pastries and so much more will be on display, guaranteed to start mouths watering. 

Cayman Thanksgiving was started by Samuel Rose and his family. Many know him as the talented violin player from Swanky Kitchen Band. His objective was to get the community to welcome others into their home for a meal. Therefore, all are asked to host or partake in family gatherings and invite non-family members for a traditional Caymanian meal using locally grown produce. 

The festivities at the Agricultural Grounds run from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Admission is free. 


Swanky Kitchen Band is always a highlight of the Homecoming Concert.