Christmas kudos to 'Parade of Lights'

What a special way to celebrate the Christmas season, in nautical harmony with the traditions that have shaped the people and culture of these islands.

We refer, of course, to Cayman 27’s “Parade of Lights” held Saturday night at Camana Bay. While we don’t normally find ourselves lauding or applauding other media outlets, we must give credit to our media brethren at Hurley’s Media.

Where to start? Perhaps at evening’s end with the fireworks. They were not only pyrotechnically superb but seemingly never-ending. Plenty of oohs, aahs, and awws! Just what one wants in a fireworks display.

Then there was the swooping and soaring of Richard Gonzalez, an instructor at CayJet Watersports, with his water-powered Jetblade FlyBoots: He was almost aerially balletic, so skilled and so agile that one youngster mistook him for Superman.

And, of course, the mainstay of the evening, the boat parade itself. A dozen promenading vessels participated with their hulls (and bows and sterns) decked with dazzling light displays and Christmas-themed adornments. Special recognition goes to Epic Divers and The Beachcomber condominiums, which took home first-place honors in the large and small boat categories.

The event attracted thousands of spectators to Camana Bay harbor with many more thousands watching at home, courtesy, of course, of Channel 27.

Cayman should be especially appreciative of the television station’s new ownership, Hurley’s Media, for continuing to carry on a great legacy event that is getting better every year.

The Parade of Lights is (and deservedly so) becoming one of the most-anticipated holiday traditions in the Cayman Islands.